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About Markus Luebbers

Markus has a scientific background in thermodynamic, chemical, and mechanical engineering. With more than 13 years in the spray-drying and powder handling industry in the food, chemical, and nutraceutical sector, Markus is a reliable partner to solve your problems in very cost-efficient ways together with your own team. Depending on his role, he can fit in a team to support a project as a senior engineer or lead a team, i.e., in a multinational project. His strong suit is communication and interaction with all people involved in the project to supply the best customer solution. As a member of the INDEX and German VDI Group for dust explosion protection, Markus is an expert in safe spray-drying engineering and trained to inspect existing installations to achieve holistic plant safety.

Explosions and Fires, an Unholy Alliance

Spray and fluidized bed dryers offer drying options for a huge variety of products and powders. These systems are well […]

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Where there is smoke, there is fire

Spray- and fluidized bed dryers offer drying options for a vast variety of products and powders. A large group of […]

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