GLM Luebbers ServicesWe strive for the best solution and evaluate your upstream and downstream conditions for a holistic approach, to create a perfect combination of processes that fit your current and future needs.

Dryer Delivery Program:

GLM Luebbers offers complete turnkey dryer systems and single key components, renovation and upgrades of existing fluidized beds and spray-drying plants by adding new components or replacement of existing components.
We can offer you engineering packages with the supply of key components to complete turn-key systems – everything to meet your drying requirements. Projects size can range from pilot size dryers to large full-scale industrial plants with end products ranging from powders, moist powder, liquid, wet-cake, fibrous, or highly viscous pastes.

  • Spray Dryers with High-pressure Nozzle- or Rotary Atomizers
  • Turbulent and laminar Air Distribution Systems
  • Single-, Multi-Stage, and Tall-Form Drying Chambers
  • Fluidized Beds (Internal and External)
  • Air Handling Units including but not limited to:
        • Inlet Air Filter assemblies
        • Indirect Air Heaters using Gas, Steam, or Thermal Fluids
        • Condensation and Desiccant wheel Dehumidifiers
        • Cyclones
        • Bag Houses/Bag Filters/CIP-able Bag Filters
        • Wet Scrubbers
  • Dryer Specific CIP Systems
  • Dryer Safety systems such as:
        • Fire-Water Deluge
        • Explosion suppression
        • CO-detection
        • Holistic approach
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Intelligent automation systems with Operator support systems

Manufacturing Shop:
Luebbers Anlagen– und Umwelttechnik GmbH has its own Equipment Manufacturing facility in Germany. Here we can build Evaporators and Dryers. Depending on the application and your preference we can manufacture the equipment in the Luebbers shop or source from local North American fabricators or anywhere else in the world from a selection of our trusted suppliers.

Download the GLM Luebbers Drying Technologies PDF