GLM Luebbers LLC is a company founded by GLM Hydro and Luebbers, serving our mutual clients with dryer related technologies in the North American market.

Luebbers has a long tradition of supplying custom designed industrial processes and manufacturing hygienic stainless-steel equipment. Among other core competencies of Luebbers are dust explosion protection measures, environmental safety, and energy-efficient spray dryers. Together with the expertise and innovative approach of GLM Hydro and their excellent reputation and recognition in the industry, GLM Luebbers combines spray drying experience, design innovation, and strength of reputation.

You will benefit from an extensive range of highly specialized products and processes: American designed and engineered yet created on 100 years of German process know-how and technological innovation. Over the past years, GLM Hydro and Luebbers have separately built up clients’ trust in their abilities. From now on, our clients in the spray drying field have the advantage of a single partner that engineers, supplies and executes projects in the United States, with a solid German technological background.

We look forward to continuing to work with our valued clients, to meet new ones, and we are excited to continue to provide excellent solutions and custom engineered systems that focus on the best results for our clients.

GLM Luebbers has a wide range of product experience including but not limited to; Brewery yeast, starch, collagen hydrolysate, dairy products, infant foods, hydrolyzed proteins, food flavors, and Nutraceuticals such as vitamins and food and feed colors
Our extensive experiences with different products and in numerous applications give us the advantage over other technology providers. This makes us your ideal provider for all your drying needs.

Download the GLM Luebbers Drying Technologies PDF