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Jan de Geest is a driven business professional with over 30 years of evaporation, crystallization, and filtration experience in both the public and private sectors and he has over 20 years of experience in managing functions such as Process Engineering, Sales, Marketing, and Business Development. Jan has a strong focus on communication and relationship building with clients, distributors, suppliers, and colleagues and enjoys sharing his knowledge through this website and other venues. “Our goal is to give you the best evaporator and dryer process balanced between capital investment and operating expenses with the highest product quality. This way you can differentiate yourself in your market with either commodity products or special niche products.”

GLM Hydro and Luebbers work together: GLM Luebbers

We are excited to announce that after seven years of close cooperation in advanced industrial spray drying technologies, GLM Hydro […]

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Capacity Improvement of your Existing Falling Film Evaporator with a Potential Increase on the Dryer Output

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GLM Hydro Evaporator Problem Solving: –There are several ways you can improve the overall evaporation capacity of your evaporator and […]

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